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Smart Alarm

Mobile App ■ since 2008

Smart Alarm is an innovative alarm app for iPhone which I both design and implement. The app has been available almost since the introduction of the iOS App Store and is now being redesigned.

In its upcoming version, Smart Alarm will feature a novel UI with a set-and-forget workflow in mind.

ApfelBlatt 3.2

Mobile App ■ 2014 to 2015

ApfelBlatt is a former German web magazine about Apple products and services for which I designed and implemented an iOS app.

Feedback provided by ApfelBlatt readers and continious consultation with the client resulted in an iteratively created, well-accepted solution.


Academic Project ■ 2015 and 2017

In both my Bachelors- and Masters-thesis, I designed and implemented PresActive — a presentation application that is controlled with touchless gestures only.

In my theses, I explored the impacts of this input-method limitation to the design of all UI, feature set, and gesture set.


Research Transfer Project ■ 2015 to 2016

In this university-industry cooperation project, the concept and prototype of a gesture-based and workflow-focused user interface to control extrusion industry machines were created.

I contributed to gathering requirements and creating an appropriate solution.


Mobile App ■ 2016

PokéStatue is a AR smartphone app which combines the idea of the Pokémon GO app (walk and catch virtual Pokémon) with physical, real-world objects.

I jointly designed this app with fellow students for a university project.


Mobile App ■ 2017

SmartTranslate is a smartwatch app to help people overcome language barriers by providing real-time translation and a personalisable look-up dictionary.

I jointly designed this app with fellow students for a university project.

PT Guide

Mobile App ■ since 2011

PT Guide is an iPhone app that I designed for the final project of my apprenticeship. It is designed to assist blind and severely visually-impaired people in using public transportation. It is location aware and makes use of the VoiceOver technology to provide audio cues throughout bus rides.

This project involved a high amount of user-research and -tests with blind people to make sure that it conforms to the target group's mental model.

Website ■ since 2005

Existing since 2005 and formerly known as easyphp development, this is the website where I release self-developed mobile- and web-apps, as well as German localisations for third-party apps.

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